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Height Management

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Danone Milk Toned (1l Tetrapack)
Dairy products are known for their rich calcium content.  ..
Rs. 65
Fresh Eggs (6N)
Boiled eggs provide high volumes of vitamin A, D and protein. ..
Rs. 35
Fresh Paneer (200g)
Another tasty calcium rich source is the fresh paneer which also comprise of protein, fat, minerals,..
Rs. 58
Green Peas (1kg)
Green Peas are rich in vitamin B1 and are also a good source for iron and vitamin C. ..
Rs. 50
Mushrooms (200g)
Mushrooms are good source of vitamin D.  ..
Rs. 90
Nestle A+ Dahi (200g)
Curd is a healthy dairy product which is consumed with all-day meals. ..
Rs. 25
Nutrela Soya Chunks (200g)
Soya Chunks are extremely rich in protein and calcium. They are tasty, healthy and provide good amou..
Rs. 40
Orange Carrots (1kg)
The fibre, vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc and vitamin A, all these nutr..
Rs. 34
Portobello Mushroom  (200g)
Portobello Mushrooms have a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fibre. The calorie content ..
Rs. 430
Sofit Soya Milk Natural (1l Tetrapack)
This nutritious drink includes essential fatty acids, protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. ..
Rs. 90