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Low Calcium

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Almonds (500g)
Almonds can be great as a snack and can be enjoyed both roasted or raw. ..
Rs. 790
Britannia Slimz Low Fat Cheese Spread (150g)
Cheese is a calcium rich source with an approximately 961mg per 100g. It may also offer protein, pho..
Rs. 99
Cabbage (1kg)
Raw Cabbage contains 90 mg calcium per 100g. Along with being a low calorie food, it is also rich in..
Rs. 32
Fresh Paneer (200g)
Another tasty calcium rich source is the fresh paneer which also comprise of protein, fat, minerals,..
Rs. 58
Nestle Slim Milk (1ltr)
Dairy products are known for their rich calcium content. The Nestle Slimz Milk is a perfect source o..
Rs. 74
Nutrela Soya Chunks (200g)
Soya Chunks are extremely rich in protein and calcium. They are tasty, healthy and provide good amou..
Rs. 40
Organic Soyabean Flour (500g)
Soyabean flour, made from organic roasted soyabeans, is a protein-rich food with abundance of iron, ..
Rs. 65
Tesco Organic Watercress (90g)
This leafy vegetable is often consumed as a salad and is linked with many benefits. ..
Rs. 152