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Chocochip Cookies (100g)
Chocochip Cookies are a tasty, semi-sweet chocolate cookies, which can be had anytime of the day.&nb..
Rs. 25
Coffee Powder (50g)
Coffee powder is the power house of antioxidants. ..
Rs. 109
Crispy Rusk (400g)
Crispy Rusk serves as a great breakfast, if had with tea or milk. The crispiness and sweet flavour i..
Rs. 55
Mint candies (3x12g)
Mint candies are not only delicious but it also helps in staying fresh. ..
Rs. 30
Mixed Fruit Jam (500g)
Jam spread on breads and rusk are often had for their wonderful taste, but looking on the nutritiona..
Rs. 90
Peanut Butter (500g)
This protien rich food must be added in your daily diet to feel fuller for longer. At least 2 tables..
Rs. 250
Potato Chips (75g)
Potato Chips are often a favourite all time snack that holds a considerable amount of carbohydrates,..
Rs. 10
Roasted Cashewnuts (250g)
Sweet Cashewnuts have gained popularity, not just because of their mouthwatering flavour and moist t..
Rs. 300
Tomato Ketchup (1kg)
An incredible tasty sauce that comes from a healthy fruit, tomato, is rich in antioxidant known as l..
Rs. 120