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Healthy Recipes

  1. Fish Salad Sandwich (Good for heart, improves HDL rate in body and is known to be a good stress relieving food as well. This also helps in improving body’s metabolic rate)

           Serves: 2 


       4 slices of whole wheat sandwich bread

       2 x 100 gms Fish fillet (Salmon/Rawas, King Fish/Surmai, or Basa)

       4 pods of garlic  

       1 teaspoon freshly crushed peppercorns

       ½ teaspoon ginger paste

       1 teaspoon butter

       1 tablespoon eggless mayonnaise

       ½ cup shredded carrots

       ½ cup shredded spring onions

       2 green lettuce leaves

       ½ cup fresh basil leaves

       ½ teaspoon of fresh lime juice

       Salt to Taste


      Bake the fish fillet with water and add ginger paste and garlic to this. Drain the excess water, sprinkle some salt on this and

      keep covered.

      In a small bowl, mix the shredded carrots, spring onions, basil leaves, crushed peppercorns, lime juice and mayonnaise.

      Toast the bread slices in a light griller with little butter.

      Arrange a lettuce leave on one of the slices and put half of the vegetables mix prepared above.

      Arrange one fish fillet carefully on this and cover with another side (grilled side out)

      Cut into halves (diagonally)

      Repeat this for the other sandwich and serve immediately.


2. Cottage Cheese Fajita Wrap (High in protein, good for skin health, increases metabolic rate and is loaded with Potassium and

             Phosphorus that’s great for growing children)

            Serves: 1


      1 tortilla bread

      50 gms cottage cheese (paneer), cut into strips

      ½ cup each of chopped green, red and yellow bell peppers

      ½ mashed potato

      2 chopped tomatoes (de-seeded)

     1 chopped onion

     1 cup fresh cilantro (coriander leaves)

     2 pods of garlic

     3 green chillies

     1 tablespoon lemon juice

     1 tablespoon tartar sauce

     1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil

     A pinch of black pepper powder

    Salt to taste


    Heat olive oil in a non-stick pan and add the chopped bell peppers with some salt into it. Sauté on high heat for 1 minute and

    take off from flame. Set aside to cool.

    Add the green chillies, garlic, cilantro, lemon juice, onions and tomatoes into a chopper and mix this into a coarse paste – This

    is the salsa sauce.

    On the tortilla, spread a teaspoon of tartar sauce and a layer of salsa sauce.

    Top this up with a little mashed potato, cottage cheese strips, sautéed bell peppers, black pepper powder and some more


    Wrap this up and arrange in the griller for 2 minutes. Serve hot.


  1. Minty Chicken Walnut Salad with Apricots (Cools you body and keeps summer allergies away, improves digestion, cleanses blood, detoxifies, Walnuts are known to reduce stress and improve HDL levels, Apricots are rich source of fibre and beta carotene which is an essential ingredient for all drugs for good Breast Health)

​               Serves: 2


     250 gms boneless chicken breast (all fats removed)

     1 large bowl fresh mint leaves

     1 cup of loosely broken walnuts

     1½ cup chopped ripe apricot

     2 green lettuce leaves

     2 pods of garlic and ½ inch ginger

     1 tablespoon lemon juice

     A pinch of black pepper powder

    Salt to taste


    Boil the chicken with garlic and ginger. Drain all the water and remove garlic and ginger remains and allow chicken to cool. 

    Shred this chicken into bite size pieces.

     Blend the mint leaves with lemon juice and salt into a coarse paste. Take care not to make this paste too thin.

    In a mixing bowl, add the chicken and mix the mint sauce with this. To this add torn lettuce leaves apricots and broken walnuts.

   Season this with a pinch of black pepper powder and salt and toss well and serve.